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Missed Calls letra

Hey, Ryan! It's me, and I'm kind of out of it right now
I'm making a collect call
I've got so much to do, I'm just wondering how everything is
When you get this if you can call me back it'd be nice, I guess
(Please leave your voice and a short message after the tone)

[Ryan Oakes]
Hey Tess it's me, I got your phone call and uh
I've been thinking and I just wanted to call you back and uh
I just wanna say fuck you
Cause I ain't ever had room to breath
I pursue my dream in my community
They never had my back until I blew up it seemed
And that's bullshit
And you don't really love me babe
You just miss the pain that I take away
And you only came back when you saw the fame
And that's bullshit
Ugh, still geek so
That's what I get when I'm messing with the freak hoes
Leaving me sucked more than deepthroat
Hot girl but her heart 5 below
Shady girl need to see the sun
When I say shape up I don't mean to run
I just mean you're lost
And you're not the type I wanna try to bring back
Since I got the hype and that's real

Hey Ry, it's Lauryn, um
I'm at a party right now
And I just really need you to come pick me up
I'm the worst person in the whole entire world for letting you go
And cheating on you
I'm really sorry

[Ryan Oakes]
I didn't pick you up, I just blocked your call
I don't give a fuck if you lost at all
Cause when the end of us came you said it's my fault
And that's bullshit
You ripped me up and tore me apart
And you lied to me straight from the start
And now I'm the one left with a broken heart
And that's bullshit, uh
Do you miss me, do you miss all the nights you would kiss me?
Till you went to my friends and you dissed me
Cheated with them mistreated and hit me
I hope you know I'm in pieces for you
I'd never expect that deceiving from you
I'm ignoring the texts I'm receiving from you
Now I'm patching the wounds I'm bleeding from you
And that's real

Yo Ry, what's up man, um
I just need you to shoot me a text or something dude
What happened was really fucked up
Um, yeah just need to hear from you
Alright bye

[Ryan Oakes]
Fuck you, uh
Thought you'd have my back dawg till you screwed up
Got my girlfriend drunk dawg took her to a room and did whatever you want dawg
Wanna know the funny part, huh? She liked it
She had you it happened like every night
It was crazy we'd get in a fight
Then she'd run off come to your place through the green light
Like, where was the red when she's in your bed?
Was I ever a thought inside either your heads
You destroyed me the lonely is broken and dead
I'm just trying to make right with the part of me left
God damn, shit
You both are the reason I never get close
All the closest to me always cut off the ropes
Now I'm happy and sad and I'm loved and alone
And that's real

Hey, man
I was just calling to let you know it's my last day before I move away
I was calling to see if you wanna get a bite to eat one last time or something man
Just let me know
Alright peace bro

[Ryan Oakes]
What the hell have I done?
I don't wanna run
I've been terrified of the person I've become
I'm accustomed to numb I'm in love with the rum
I was young and in love and I even was dumb
And I hate it, shit
But it's too late to take it back
I've been working hard I might break my back
Try to carry us and you hated that
But I tried, put that on my life
And the only way you pay me back was in lies
Girl those eyes redefine what that means I mean hoping
I know you got yours but I never had mine and I guess in due time
I'll realize that it was my fault too
And I hope what I say right here haunts you
You can try and come back but I don't want you
And I'm sorry
Cause ever since I drowned the pain and I came in the game and I got the fame
Shit changed and I'll admit it I'm not the same
I know I mighta broke your heart but I lost myself
And I'm stuck in dark so ignore me now and just try to restart
And I'm sorry

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